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Products / Water disinfection systems AquaVallis

Household and industrial filters AquaVallis are intended for efficient and reliable removal of microbiological contaminants from water. They provide microbially safe water in which all dissolved healthy microelements are preserved, remove viruses, bacteria and parasites from water and protect against infections spread through water.

Household microbiological purifiers AquaVallis offer one-, two- or three-stage water filtration and they can be applied at home and in the office, in kindergartens and schools, holiday villages and camps, hospitals, cottages and country houses.

Two-stage purifiers AquaVallis Duet are basic in the family AquaVallis Multi. They have been specially developed for the removal of viruses, bacteria and parasites from water (including those tolerant to chlorine and high temperature).

The first stage of filtration is a prefilter that removes particles (sand, scale, rust, etc.) of size above 1-5 microns and prolongs the lifetime of the microbiological cartridge AquaVallis. The second purification stage - filter AquaVallis - effectively removes microbial contaminants from water.

One-stage purifiers AquaVallis Solo are used to equip your water purifier with the finishing stage of microbiological protection. They guarantee effective removal of viruses and bacteria left in filtered water.

Depending on water quality the running water purification systems AquaVallis Multi can be equipped with additional water treatment modules (water softening and deironing devices, granular activated carbon filters and other) and have three or more purification stages.

Along with the pipeline models intended for cold tap water purification, Aqvelite Company offers stand-alone systems AquaVallis Mobile used for cleaning of raw water from natural sources (wells, reservoirs, ponds) in the field, in garden and holiday cottages, countryside, regions of emergency situations, etc.

Industrial and commercial filters AquaVallis Promo are multi-cartridge filters and efficiently remove viruses, bacteria, and parasites (including those resistant to chlorine and high temperatures) from water, considerably reduce the concentration of humic substances, remove residual iron, reduce water color and turbidity by preserving all healthy elements dissolved in water.


As the final step of treatment that is responsible for water disinfection.
Disinfection of water after activated carbon filters to eliminate the risk of secondary microbiological contamination.
Disinfection of water before reverse osmosis systems to protect membranes and reduce operating costs and increase membrane lifetime.
Disinfection of water before reverse osmosis systems to protect membranes and reduce operating costs and increase membrane lifetime.
As the protective/guard filter after UV systems (to catch undestroyed microorganisms due to microorganism shielding/harboring by large particles, the formation of scale and fouling on quartz sleeves surrounding the UV lamps and so on).
Disinfection of the water in and after storage tanks (the water can be re-circulated from the storage tank back through the filter in order to maintain bacteria reduction and disinfected before using).
- Disinfection of mineral water with high level of organic substances preserving all healthy elements dissolved in water.
Disinfection of water used for washing vessels, tanks and equipment.

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