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Products / Replaceable filtering elements AquaVallis

Replaceable filtering elements AquaVallis provide high efficiency of microbial contaminant removal and high flow rate.

The filtering elements (cartridges) AquaVallis offer an efficient solution for the removal of viruses, bacteria and parasites from water (including those tolerant to chlorine and high temperature) as well as for the effective reduction of concentration of humic substances, iron and mechanical particles.

The cartridges AquaVallis are produced in 5-, 10- and 20-inch types. They are compatible with standard SlimLine type filter holders. The cartridge is designed as a cylindrical polyethylene bobbin with the multilayered filtering material AquaVallis rolled on it and covered by polypropylene mesh.
The filtering elements AquaVallis are used in domestic and commercial water treatment systems at the final (finishing) stage of purification.
The purification efficiency of the filtering element remains the same until its lifetime is exhausted. The filtering elements AquaVallis are not regenerable.

Characteristics of filtering elements AquaVallis




FE 75

FE 150

FE 300

Lifetime capacity*, no less than

2.5 m3

5 m3

10 m3

Output capacity at recommended pressure

2.3 l/min

4.5 l/min

9 l/min

Outer diameter

71 1 mm

71 1 mm

71 1 mm


124 0.5 mm

251 0.5 mm

506 1 mm

Pressure difference, no more than

0.5 atm.

Purified water temperature

535 ?

Operating pressure range

0.54.0 atm.

Recommended pressure

1.02.0 atm.

* Unfiltered water characteristics at which the cartridge lifetime has been defined

pH value

69 pH


0.5 NTU

Permanganate value

5 mg/l

Concentration of microorganisms

104 CFU/l

Content of strong oxidizing agents (chlorine, free ozone, potassium permanganate)

0.1 mg/l

Fe content

0.1 mg/l

General mineralization (solid residue)

1 000 mg/l

The produced replaceable filtering elements AquaVallis are quality controlled and certified by Gosstandart of Russia. RF Gosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology) controls and supervises the compliance to mandatory requirements of state standards and technical regulations and permits using goods and products on the territory of Russia. The filtering elements meet the requirements imposed on devices used for afterpurification (decontamination) of drinking water from municipal and local supply systems.

The efficiency of microbial contaminant removal from water with the use of the replaceable filtering elements AquaVallis fully meets the sanitary requirements to the quality of drinking water from municipal supply systems.

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