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Filtering materials AquaVallis guarantee microbiological safety of water you drink. Filtering material AquaVallis is nonwoven fabric in which active centers are deposited on ultrafine polymer microfibers using a special technology. When water runs through filter AquaVallis, the material traps microbial contaminants (bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa as well as microscopic algae and fungi).

The filter AquaVallis uses a combination of two purification mechanisms - filtration and adsorption. The particles and microorganisms whose size exceeds the material pore size (1 micron) are removed from water via filtration. Smaller-sized microbiological contaminants are removed owing to adsorption on active centers. In aqueous medium the active centers produce high positive zeta potential that allows trapping negatively charged microparticles, including microorganisms, whose size is smaller than the material pore size.

The material AquaVallis is able to trap 100 % of viruses, bacteria and parasites in the course of contaminated water filtration. The positive charge of the filters allows them to retain not only viruses and bacteria, but also microscopic algae and fungi, humic substances. Unlike conventional decontamination methods, the sorption material AquaVallis removes thermotolerant bacteria, viruses and chlorine-tolerant parasites.

The pore size of the filtering material AquaVallis therewith enables high flow rate at filtration - 2.3-9 liters per minute depending on the filter model. The material AquaVallis purifies water from microbial contamination at water temperature 5-35 ? in ?? water range from 6 to 9. The efficiency of microbial contaminant removal from water with the aid of the filtering materials AquaVallis fully meets the sanitary requirements for the quality of drinking water from municipal supply systems. The produced filtering material AquaVallis is quality controlled and certified by Gosstandart of Russia. RF Gosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology) controls and supervises the compliance to mandatory requirements of state standards and technical regulations and permits using goods and products on the territory of Russia. The filtering material is produced as sheets measured 145050 mm  x 85050 mm with a varying number of layers (the sheets can be cut to specified size and shape).

Removal efficiency for some bacteria and viruses


Concentration of microorganisms

Purification efficiency

Total coliform bacteria
E.coli K-12

105 CFU/l

100 %

Thermotolerant coliform bacteria E.coli HB-101 p Sub525

104 CFU/l

100 %

Coliphage f-2

5 x 103
PFU/100 ml

100 %

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

104 cells/l

100 %

Legionella mildadei NCTC 11371

104 cells/ml

100 %


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