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Drinking Water Protection against Viruses and Bacteria

Water for drinking and preparing foods should be safe and free from harmful microbial contaminants. This is particularly important if you get your water from wells, rivers, or lakes. Even your municipal water may contain microbial pathogens that can be responsible for health effect.

Many drinking water systems are available on the market today. They reduce 99.00-99.99 % of some microbial pathogens. But mainstream manufacturers (Cuno, Culligan, General Electrics, Multi-Pure) of drinking water systems emphasize that these systems (tap filters, activated carbon filters, or reverse osmosis systems) should not be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the systems.

Filter cartridges and water purifiers AquaVallis have been specially developed for microbiological water purification. They provide efficient drining water protection from viruses, bacteria and parasites (including those tolerant to chlorine and high temperature) as well as reduce significantly the concentration of humic substances and iron while preserving all healthy microelements dissolved in water. Whether your water purifier is equipped with the finishing stage AquaVallis or you use the microbiological purifier AquaVallis, the water you drink is effectively protected against viruses and bacteria.

Filters AquaVallis are a combination of researchers' experience, innovative nanotechnology, high-quality components and excellent performance characteristics.

- Guaranteed microbial safety of drinking water
- Preservation of all healthy elements dissolved in water
- High flow rate
- High lifetime capacity of cartridges
- Low cost of 1 liter of purified water
- No electricity
- No water loss at filtration
- Silent operation

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